Total Solar Eclipse 2017
A total solar eclipse is seen on Monday, August 21, 2017 above Madras, Oregon. A total solar eclipse swept across a narrow portion of the contiguous United States from Lincoln Beach, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina. A partial solar eclipse was visible across the entire North American continent along with parts of South America, Africa, and Europe. Photo Credit: (NASA/Aubrey Gemignani)

The Eclipse!

Did you even know there was an eclipse? Were you living in a cave? I was until the night before. Yes, I heard about it, but it didn’t click about its significance until the night before the event. A solar eclipse when the moon lines up between the sun and the earth is an event that is worth viewing.

Samuel watches the eclipse
Samuel Bielefeld peers through the opening of cardboard container modified to safely view a solar eclipse. – by David L. Yost

A Community of Eclipse Viewers

When the eclipse finally was about to happen, I was driving down a country highway. People were pulling off of the road and stopping wherever they could. Not to be the only one not concerned, I pulled over too.  After all, this was a once in a lifetime event.  Most of us don’t get to say that I will catch it next time. It was now or never.

Pulling over, I got out of my car and whipped out my phone to take pictures. I took some before pictures and shared with others who had parked along the side of the road. The excitement was building.  We ignored the guys driving by who shouted “Idiots!!!!!!” at us. We didn’t care what they said. Smiles actually crossed our faces when the shouts came at us.  Our task was to experience this solar eclipse because we would never see it again.

Waiting was the most thrilling part!
Waiting was the most thrilling part! by Maxpixel

Waiting for the phenomenon to happen was half the


As the time approached, the excitement built. The Internet is a wonderful source of information to follow the movement and lining up of the sun and the moon.  Each bit of information was shared between all of our small group.

The time had come and we were as ready as anyone could be without the special glasses, welding helmets, or any other proper viewing devices.  The sun was exceptionally bright. Our cameras were clicking away. It was happening! It was going to happen! What happened? The sky didn’t darken. To be fair, the sun was as bright as I can ever remember.

Enjoying the Non-Event

This was it? It was almost like a non-event.  No darkness. No apparent change at all! It could have easily been a major disappointment. But it wasn’t and that wasn’t especially relevant.

How could something that appears to be a waist of time be significant in our lives? Easy. We as a group participated in the event. We were there. Trying to see what was happening, we failed to see any significance.  But that was alright. Not seeing the changes we wanted didn’t matter near as much as just being a part of history. We had to search the Internet to see photos of the solar eclipse.

It was like playing a softball game only to get creamed 12 to 1.  Sure just as we would want to win the game, we wanted to see the sun blacked significantly, but that is not what happened.

Watching the total solar eclipse
U.S. Air Force Capt. Vincent Alipio, assigned to the 349th Medical Squadron, Travis AFB, Calif., observes through his eclipse glasses as the moon passes in front of the sun during a total solar eclipse at Young Air Assault Strip, Fort McCoy, Wis., Aug. 21, 2017 – by USAF

Spectators or Participants

In life we are either participants or spectators. We experience life or we just watch it on TV.  There are those who live through the experiences of others. They watch life move through the television or on the Internet.  It appears that life just slips by them.  Sure they are protected from the pains and hurts of life, but they are also sheltered from the joy and healing powers of living life to the fullest.

Whether it is seeing or not seeing in my case, the eclipse.  Armchair observers of life miss out on the personal touch of life. Of course, disappointment is part of life. It you don’t see it for yourself, you miss the stimulation that experience brings into your life. It becomes easy for your emotions to harden like stones.

Experience Life

Sitting in the comfort of your home protected from success and failure crosses over to your relations too. The Internet is not a relationship because it creates a fantasy world when you never have to face people and be vulnerable.  You can imagine the warmth of a soft body or smell the sweet perfume of a woman, but it is not the same.

The Fantasy World is Not Reality.

Reality is out there with real people or non-event eclipses. It is where your senses and mind are challenged by events. Don’t box your life in a cube.  Break out of your box and live life.

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