Football Has Arrived!

It is that time of the year where we watch a truly manly sport, football. What man doesn’t like the battlefield of the gridiron? The smashing and crashing of bodies. The smells of sweat, blood, and fake grass blended together.  It is enough to get your heart pounding, snarl snarling, and fist jettisoning high into the air as your mouth screams “Yeah!” or “No!”

Ready! Set! Watch!

All year you look forward to the preseason. Fantasy league teams have been picked. You know this year you will win.  Tom Brady is your quarterback after all.  Remember the days of ole when you could afford to go watch live football once in awhile? On the good side, you saved enough money, by not going to the games, so as to find yourself parked in front of a 50″ curved screen TV.  Sweet!

Sitting in your recliner, you munch on snacks through the closely contested 1st quarter. With the game tied at 7 to 7, anticipation builds.

The Most Exciting Game I Never Saw

Suddenly, you awake to the announcer saying, “This is the most exciting game I have ever witnessed!” Clearing your head, you realize that you have slept through another great game! So goes another Sunday afternoon of football.  Why do we do this to ourselves? You should be happy to know you are not alone. Well, you actually are alone, that is why you fell asleep. There was no one shouting, no one to talk trash to.  No one to give play by plays to over and over while they grunt agreement. Therein lies the problem. Most men watch the game alone.

Why watch the football game alone?

Why watch the football game alone?

One of Many Manly Men

It is time to stand up and say, “I am one of many Manly men and we who love football!” Do not watch alone! Gather your buddies and fellow fans. Face the game with excitement and trash talking. Let others laugh at you as you get so excited about watching grown men with different colored balls on their heads running back and forth across the grass chasing each other. At least that was how one of my sons described it decades ago.  Get fired up in anticipation before kickoff.

Where do you find these warriors of the gridiron watchers? Try guys you work with, guys that strike up a conversation at work, the gym, or waiting for your kids to finish school. Don’t forget your neighbors and friends outside of work. Finally, gather some men from church. Invite their families and  tell them to invite friends.

3 Things Needed

Set up the chairs, turn up the sound system, fire up the grill, it is football time. There are three things needed to have a successful Sunday afternoon football party. A place to land after jumping up following up a good play.  The sound loud enough to hear the SMACK of helmets and pads. Last, but may be the most important, FOOD! Have lots and lots of food!

Football Food!

Football Food by Ken

Food! Food! Beer!

Buy two bags of wings as a minimum. Boil them to make sure they are fully cooked. When that is done, soak them in a BBQ sauce and red pepper sauce blend. Next you can slow cook them in the oven so all the juices cook into the meat.  As a result, you are going to be known as the Wing King.

Chips and dips are good, but for over-the-top dip find someone who can make a good 7-layer dip.  Get a couple of meat, cheese, and cracker plates to serve. Even a veggie plate is good with a good ranch dressing.  You can never have too much ranch dressing. It is good for dipping the chicken in to drown some of the fire from the sauce.

Ice cold beer: root and otherwise will be needed. Have plenty of ice, sodas and other drinks to finish off the background for a great afternoon.  An absolute necessity is a spray bottle with carpet and fabric cleaner nearby.  Grown men jumping in the air and shouting with BBQ wings in their hands is a disaster waiting to happen. Be prepared!

Your Turn

What your wife is complaining about having to do all this work on Sunday? Form a rotation system where you can change houses or at least the meal preparation.  Make it more interesting.  Do a football pool of ending scores to determine who will do the hosting the next week.  This could turn into an awesome weekly experience. Good excuse to turn off the cell phones and scream, shout, and talk trash with real people!

Your turn! Get on the cell, start calling, start talking it up.  There are many other men who will pounce at the opportunity to do manly stuff with real men. You build families, since they get to interact with their dad as you share the fun.

Time to rise up and shout. It is time for friends and families to get together. It is time for


For the times and schedule in your area check, college, and your local signal provider.


Greg Brown

Greg Brown is a father to three grown men, black belt in Karate, and has served 12 years as both an enlisted man and officer in the Marine Corps. He is also a businessman, teacher, author, pastor, semiretired, person as well as the Associate Editor of The Manly Blog.