Sacramento Kings Art By Michael Tipton
Sacramento Kings Art by Michael Tipton

First of all, I would like to offer my condolences. For some reason, I am an underdog Kings fan through and through. I just don’t know why.
I grew up in Sacramento. When a NBA team, the Sacramento Kings moved into town, I was excited. Basketball was coming to my town, real basketball. Although, I moved out of town, I still rooted for my home town. It was exciting whenever I could go to a game. The short little guys bouncing a tiny orange ball around enthralled me (the nosebleed, cheap seats were all that I could afford).

Sacramento Kings Game
by Lisa Nottingham

The Excitement!

Winning or losing, when the crowd got into the game the building would rock! The excitement would energize everyone there. This power to rise up fans would be there if the team won or lost. What I found interesting was that the crowd supported the Kings when they consistently have been, with a few exceptions, swap dwellers. One of those teams which were constantly below the playoff line. If the team started to gel and win games, that was the time to organize a trade or for the players to seek fame and fortune somewhere else.

I now know what it must be like to have been a Cubs fan for so many years, painful but fun! Why do we stick with them when they seem to endlessly loose? Why are the fans so loyal and enthusiastic about a “B” league team in an “A” league world?

The Kings are Us!

Simple. Teams like the Kings represent hope for the little guy, the underdog. Sacramento is a small venue compared to the power houses of Golden State, Cleveland, Boston, and most others. They are the David’s facing the Goliaths. This year will not be any different. If you look at the roster, most players have an “R” or “1” after their name meaning this is their first or second year.

Many men are Kings fans. The jerseys may not have a crown on the chest, but they are still underdog rooters. We want our David to succeed against Goliath. Slay the big names! Conquer the insurmountable odds! Rise and win a championship and surprise the world.

SACRAMENTO, CA – APRIL 13: of the Los Angeles Lakers against the Sacramento Kings on April 13, 2011 at Power Balence Pavilion in Sacramento, California. (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

The average man believes that he could be that David. He believes that with the right support and resources he could rise in the economic hierarchy. So when men see a team that is the underdog beat the big guys, they get excited. The underdogs are them. The big name teams represent the mountains of obstacles that keep men from their dreams. We are inspired when these rookies rise up and slay the giants. In them we find hope! If they can win, we all can win. So we cheer.

Releasing Sacred Cows

Last year the Kings took a chance. They traded an all-star center DeMarcus Cousins and waved or traded some other excellent players. They have cleaned the plate and are starting from scratch with primarily new players.

In life, if we are to succeed, we may have to take a risk. We have to get rid of our sacred cows and start new and fresh. Sometimes, we need to get rid of the historically good choices and replace them with new, untried ideas. Can you lose everything? Of course you can, but what a ride. It is fun to see the new ideas blossom. Especially, when the new idea was our second round choice.

DeMarcus Cousins Dec 2013
Last year the Kings took a chance. They traded an all-star center DeMarcus Cousins and waved or traded some other excellent players.

So, if you feel the need to be a King’s fan, go right ahead. As they move from young and new, you rise with them to become a veteran winner. Cheer them on through all their rookie losses and maybe like them, in a few years everyone will be choosing for you, King (insert your name).

Go Kings!


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